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Terri Lee Patty Jo Limited Edition
Binky & Bunky by Vogue
Hula Hoop Cutie Madame Alexander
Barbara Ann by Vogue
Nan Ginny by Vogue
Sweet Pea Ginny by Vogue
Red haired Margie by Vogue
Just Me, A Porcelain Doll
Just Me, in Dotted Swiss Dress by Vogue
Cinderella Nesting Doll Set
Henry VIII Cat Nesting Dolls
Peacock Tassel Lady
Nostalgic Raggedy Ann Nesting Dolls
Penguin Family Nesting Dolls
Raggedy Ann & Andy Winter Fun Wooden Dolls
Traditional Russian Nesting Dolls
1940's Boy & Girl, Made in Germany
Hansel & Gretel Nesting Dolls
Magic Nesting Doll
Raggedy Ann & Andy Birthday Nesting Dolls
Alpine Bear Nesting Dolls
Tiny Jerri Lee Happy Trails
California Dreamin' Tiny Terri Lee
Garden Party Confidential Brenda Starr Doll
Tiny Kitty And Trousseau by Robert Tonner
Comfy Colors Besty by Robert Tonner
Musical Patsy in Pink Dress
Rainy Days Patsyette
Tisket A Tasket Patsy by Effanbee
Little Lass Patsy Ann
Kitty Keepsake Patsy by Effanbee
Elegant Evening Toni by Effanbee

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