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Binky & Bunky by Vogue
Just Me, A Porcelain Doll
Red Haired Ginny, "Me And My Dolly"
Red haired Margie by Vogue
Crib Crowd Baby Yellow Costume by Vogue
Nan Ginny by Vogue
Sweet Pea Ginny by Vogue
Glad in a Yellow Sundress by Vogue
Just Me, in Dotted Swiss Dress by Vogue
Bubble Bath Ginny
Blue Satin Sweetheart Ginny
Crib Crowd, Just Peachy Ginny by Vogue
Crib Crowd, Blue Dimity Ginny by Vogue
Susanne Ginny by Vogue
Hope Ginny with Blonde Hair by Vogue
Cheryl, Ginny Doll by Vogue
My Kinder Crowd Ginny by Vogue
Bride Doll by Vogue Doll Company
Bridesmaid, by Vogue Doll Company
Cowboy - Up Ginny
Halloween Ginny by Vogue
Fifties Reunion Ginny
Red haired Pat by Vogue

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