Halloween Themed Dolls and Figurines

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Little Dickens by Debbee Thibault
Cat Halloween Whirligig
Lucky Charm by Bethany Lowe
Teddy's Treats by Debbee Thibault
Pear Man By Debbee Thibault
German Mache Comic Nodders
The Spirit Of Jack by Debbee Thibault
Mysterious Magda
Night Flight a Wee Forest Folk
Where's the Wolf? By Wee Forest Folk
L'il Glow Bug, by Wee Forest Folk
Sweet Treater by Wee Forest Folk
Pumpkin Cat, by Deb Canham
Pumpkin Head by Deb Canham
Pumpkin Humpty, by Deb Canham
Autumn Teddy Bear By Linda Nelson
Jack O'Tricks by Jody Battaglia
Halloween Ginny by Vogue

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