Green-Eyed Cocktails Cissy by Alexander

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Lift her veil to see Cissy’s exotic emerald green eyes, accented with unique brown eyeliner and distinctive side lashes with one white accent lash at each eye. Her auburn painted brows exactly match her hair, exquisitely arranged with double spit curls and twin coiled braids at the back. Cissy is ready for the cocktail hour, wearing a changeable-color taffeta dress with magenta tulle petticoat, lace heeled dance shoes, black velvet elbow-length gloves, and carrying a martini glass and "diamond" tipped cocktail stirrer that match her earrings and necklace. Cocktails Cissy was designed for Alexander by prestigious artist Mel Odom and is from an edition of 200 numbered dolls, with certificate. Oh, that black lace veil, it matches her black lace undies and garters!
SKU: SD-379

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