Doll Clothing for 26" to 30" Height Child Dolls

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Rose Silk Dropped Waist DressRose Silk Dropped Waist Dress
Blue Silk Three Piece Sailor SetBlue Silk Three Piece Sailor Set
Princess Dress with Black Velvet Trim
Red Tussah Silk Sailor SuitRed Tussah Silk Sailor Suit
Dark Slate Grey Tussah Silk DressDark Slate Grey Tussah Silk Dress
Teal Blue Silk DressTeal Blue Silk Dress
Blue Cotton High-Waist Dress
Pink Cotton High Waist Dress
Blue Cotton Dress With Pinafore
Grey Twill Three Piece Sailor SuitGrey Twill Three Piece Sailor Suit
Pink Cotton Summer Dress
Red Silk Sailor Dress & Cap
Blue & White Plaid Dress
Cream and Lavender Dress
White Pinafore With Hand Embroideries
White Organdy Cotton Dress
Blue Cotton Summer DressBlue Cotton Summer Dress
Red & White Striped School DressRed & White Striped School Dress
Blue & White Striped School DressBlue & White Striped School Dress
White Dimity High-Waisted Summer Dress
Pale Blue Dimity Summer DressPale Blue Dimity Summer Dress
Cream Linen-Weave Coat Dress
Roseate Beige & Blue Sailor SuitRoseate Beige & Blue Sailor Suit
Maroon Corduroy  Sailor Dress & Cap
Blue & Cream Striped Cotton Dress
White Organdy Collar & Cuffs

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