Porcelain Half-Dolls and Figurines

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Art Deco Lady Trinket Box
Bathing Beauty with Pup
Ready For Their Photo
Timid Diver
Lady of the Court Bisque Half-Doll
Lady with Sun Bonnet
Flamenco Dancer
Dutch Girl Porcelain Jar
Childrens Garden Girl
Vanity Fair- Half Dolls
Lady with Beach Ball
German Porcelain Child playing with Pups
Pup With Baby's Pacifier
Mr. Big Mouth
Patriotic Poser
Pierrette Mini Tray
Limber Swimmer
Candy Stripes
Red-Suited Bathing Beauty
Bathy Beauty Bookends
Little Goose Girl
Butterfly Lady in Blue
Big Mouth Gentlemen, Man with Monacle
Big Mouth Gentlemen, Winking Man
Black-Suit Bathing Beauty
Patriotic Porcelain Bathing Beauty
Childrens Garden Boy
Bonnet Dolls In Shadowbox
Spanish Dancer with Flowers in Hair
Pierrette with Clasped Hands
Bitter Oriental Tile
Lady Emerging from Egg
Seated Sunbather in Blue Swim Suit
Lady in Lavender
Not a Care in the World

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