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The Dude by R. John Wright
Uncle Sam Brownie by R. John Wright
Hi-Top & Ruffles Raven By Helen Kish
Noah's Ark Nesting Doll
Columbian Boy Doll By Gail Wilson
Kitty With A Girl Wooden Kokeshi Doll
Birgit by Montedragone
Pinocchiupi, by Beatrice Perini
Forever Bride and Groom by R. John Wright
Ginger Mouse by R. John Wright
Once Upon A Time by Maggie Iacono
Spirit of Autumn Lady by Helen Kish
Folk Art Cloth Pull-Toy Lamb by Gail Wilson
Art Deco Lady Trinket Box
Evening Crane Kokeshi Doll
Banshu Kokeshi Doll
Japanese Iris Flower Kokeshi Doll
Friendly Fay by Berdine CreedyFriendly Fay by Berdine Creedy
Bug by Berdine Creedy
Baba with Bear, by Berdine Creedy
Uli The Red-Haired Boy
Izannah Walker Boy By Gail Wilson
Rabbit By Gail Wilson
Lily by Maree Massey
Bindi By Maree Massey
Queen Of Hearts By Ankie Daanen
Elephant On Wheels By Gail Wilson
Bonnet Dolls In Shadowbox

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