Spring and Easter Figurals

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Party Bunny Candy Container
Morgan With Easter Egg
Lamb Hugs
Lamb Hugs
$19 $42
Zoe's Little Chick
Chad with Chicks
Fancy Chick, A Springtime Figural
Retro 1940S-Style Spring Ducklings
Hoppy Lady Candy Container
Hoppy Gent Candy Container
Antique German Stork Candy Container
Eggbert, A Young Lad By Debbee Thibault
Turtle Racer
Snail Racer
Rabbit Racer
Spring Delivery Bunny
Easter Clown Girl
Chick Racer
Chickie Charlie
Baby's First Easter Figurine
Holding the Bunny
Counting Eggs with a Bunny
Chicks in Slipper
Feeding the Bunny, A Paper-Mache Figural
Aggy the Easter Rabbit
Little Bo Peep Figure
Adolpho Rabbit
Three Tin Chocolate Molds
Bunny Honey Presentation Egg
Peek-a-Boo Bunny
Nanny Bunny Candy Container
Spring Time Flower Girl Vignette
Baby Chick With Bonnet And Hat Box
Mrs. Bunny Candy Container

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