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Bunny w/ Blue Overalls
Bunny in Green Coat
Bunny in Orange Coat
Bunny in Purple Coat
Brown Bunny in White Coat
Bunny in Periwinkle Coat
White Bunny in Light Blue Dress Coat
Holding the Bunny
Three Tin Chocolate Molds
Bunny in Yellow Coat Dress
Peek-a-Boo Bunny
Bowling Bunnies Parlor Game
Spring Delivery Bunny
Counting Eggs with a Bunny
Easter Concert, in Bavarian Pewter
Tulip Bouquet, in Bavarian Pewter
Bunny Farmer, in Bavarian Pewter
Bunny in Creamsicle Coat
Bunny in Green Coat with Flowers
Bunny in Pink Coat
Feeding the Bunny, A Paper-Mache Figural
Time for Sharing, in Bavarian Pewter
Wishing Well, in Bavarian Pewter
Pink Bunny in Yellow Coat Dress
Yellow Bunny in Pink Coat Dress
Brown Bunny in Green Coat Dress
Aggy the Easter Rabbit
Papa's Apprentice in Bavarian Pewter
Adolpho Rabbit
Bunny Honey Presentation Egg
White Felt Bunny in Dark Blue Dress
Felt Bunny in Green Dress

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