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J'Aime Ma Bleuette
The Doll In Miniature
The Fabulous Fifties
Memories Of A Marriage
Little Houses by Side of Road
American Dolls From The Golden Years
Lady Dolls Of The 19th Century
Toy Stoves, 1850- 1950
Button In Ear, The Steiff EncyclopediaButton In Ear, The Steiff Encyclopedia
Cherish Me Always Set Of 4 Books
The Genius Moritz Gottschalk
More Dolls, The Early Years
Ciesliks German Doll Marks
To The Manor Born
Classic Plastic: American Dolls 1945-1965
Buckskin & Beads, Native American Folk Dolls
Hi, I'm Ginny! Softbound
Barbie A Go-Go
The 1924 K*R Catalog
The Beautiful Jumeau
Dolls In Motion
More American Dolls from the Post War Era
All I Want For Christmas
Huguette Clark Book Package
The 1912 S.F.B.J.Catalog
Home at Last
Home at Last
$15 $49
Portrait of Skipper Book
Exclusively Barbie
Hertwig & Co. 1890-1937
The Fabulous 50's and Beyond
In Character
In Character
$15 $68
The Doll As Art
La Poupee Modele, Volume II
Golden Age Of American Dolls, 1945-1965

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