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Gigi With Blue Collar By Susan MckayGigi With Blue Collar By Susan Mckay
Benjamin Bear & Cacklin Crow by Limerick Bears
Marshall & Mandy Bear By Limerick Bears
Rose Love by Heidi Steiner
Matilda by Heidi Steiner
Raspberry Bear By Cindy Mcguire
Summer Scarlett, a Teddy Bear By Karen Meer
Tumbler Bear By Linda Mullins
Mizz Nightingale By Karen Meer
Jester Bear By Hermann
Gordo a Bear By Heidi Steiner
Kolumbo, by Beate Bera
Goliath Bear By Beate Bera
Jimbo The Message Boy, by Beate Bera
Cedrick the Mouse by Deb Canham
Hedgehog Girl, by Karen Smith
Hedgehog Boy by Karen Smith
Harvest Hannah by Jessie Ross

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