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Nannerl by Peter Wolf
Mozart By Peter Wolf
Distinguished Courtier By Peter Wolf
Lady With Beauty Marks by Peter Wolf
Hannah, by Mannersdorfer
Laurie, 10" Art character Doll by Ulrike Hutt
Katherine by Maggie Iacono
Noelle the Raggedy Advent Doll by Jessie Ross
Carlie By Heidi Plusczok
Ida By Annette Herrman
Chicca from Montedragone by Annette Herrmann
Hop, a Bunny by Jared Monroe
Hal by Jared Monroe
Sugar Bear by Jane Monroe
Spring Sparkle Bear by Jane Monroe
Ingo By Finhold Gallery
Hettie the Bear by Jared Monroe
Moor The Black Bear by Marjan Balke
Bubble Head By Jare Hares
Pink Lil' Panda Bear
Sammie By Jane Monroe
Pimki Pie by Finhold Gallery
Poker Face Teddy Bear by Karen Meer
Sadie Miniature Black Mohair Cat, by Karen Meer
Mango Jerry The Mouse

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