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The Nuzzling Bear by CramerThe Nuzzling Bear by Cramer
Ginger Mouse by R. John Wright
Hiding Spot Teddy Bear by Eduard Cramer
Garden Party Confidential Brenda Starr Doll
Columbian Boy Doll By Gail Wilson
"Flour Power" Betsy McCall
Liesbet, by Paulinette
2004 Teddybar Total Sailor Bear by Steiff2004 Teddybar Total Sailor Bear by Steiff
Pumpkin Cat, by Deb Canham
Hope Ginny with Blonde Hair by Vogue
Cream Hobby Horse by Bear My Sole
Jack O'Tricks by Jody Battaglia
Willy The Silly Goose By Jody Battaglia
Snow Bear
Snow Bear
$57.50 $115
Dandee Cat by Debbee Thibault
Madison, A Paulinette Doll
Amelia by Paulinette
Kitty With A Girl Wooden Kokeshi Doll
Evening Crane Kokeshi Doll
Blue Satin Sweetheart Ginny
Bridesmaid, by Vogue Doll Company
Birgit by Montedragone
Lena By Eva Danker
All-Bisque Googly, by Margaret Wolfe
Bug by Berdine Creedy
Forever Bride and Groom by R. John Wright
Percy Penguin, by Deb Canham
Checkers Golly Wog By Deb Canham
Bearkin The Ski Bear by Cramer
Maggie Takes a Stroll by Lynne and Michael Roche
Bruin Bear by Robert Raikes
Christmas Doll by Debbee Thibault
Hansel & Gretel Mice by R. John Wright
Virginia By Maggie Iacono

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