"Worn Well: Antique Doll Costumes, 1825-1925" Auction Catalog



Worn Well, Antique Doll Costumes, 1825-1925

The history of dolls as told through the fabrics and styles of the clothes they wore, from gowns and dresses to bonnets, shoes, and accessories, is told in this specialty cataloged auction of antique doll costumes and accessories from the Nancy Smith and Rosalie Whyel Collections. The collection features over 300 lots, some comprising complete ensembles, other being notable individual pieces ranging from exquisite gowns and dresses to rare signed shoes, Paris bonnets, costumes of the early 1800s, gentleman’s accessories, costumes in original boxes, couturier dresses and more. 120 pages. 8.5” x 11”. Softbound.


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