Virginie, Who Lives in a World of Childhood Dreams, Handmade by Heloise

$1,550 $2,400


Few dolls are made each year by the French artist, Heloise, yet each that is made is sculpted and painted entirely by her hand, in her own studio.  The artist writes " I believe a doll is a sculpture and the model is hidden inside the clay". Virginie is from an issue of only 35 dolls, her eyes of an indescribable color - are they blue or are they brown?- with an enhancing glaze that makes them oh-so-real, and her slender face so elegant and yet so soft. Her hair is a wispy golden brown, and her gown of tulle and silk with embroidered flowers is a dream. Signed and numbered by the artist. Virginie will fulfill the world of grown-up dreams. 19" seated. SD-756

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