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Aptly named to honor the fine antique dolls whose long life journey now continues, some leaving the home of a loving collector, others leaving the ancestral home where they have always lived — to seek a new haven. Aptly named, too, as many of the dolls own extensive trousseaux which will travel with them on this journey, highlighted by the exceptionally rare early Huret bébé with gutta percha body and bisque hands, of which few are known to exist. This rare doll comes from her ancestral home in the Loire Valley of France, and has packed for her voyage with a well-laden trunk of original costumes. Too, there are five early French bisque poupées, two with the label of the prestige Simonne doll shop of 1800s Paris, that are also accompanied by extensive trousseaux and original costumes, not to mention the further dozen poupées with rare bodies, signatures and fine antique costumes. Too, a bounty of automata, German bisque art characters, Lenci dolls, and other fine ephemera.  10” x 10”. Hardbound. 148 pages.  BT-332.

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