The Royal Crown of The Snow Queen



Legend says the Snow Queen Crown was made from fairy dust, spider’s silk and garden leaves held together with honeysuckle glue, and that whoever wore it became the most irresistible creature on earth. Ashley Carter’s Fairy Crowns are inspired by that legend, and although their materials are a bit more durable than fairy dust, the crowns, without doubt, will have the same effect for you. The North Carolina artist, Ashley Carter, creates each of these in her studios, with a combination of antique, vintage and "found" materials so no Snow Queen Crowns are ever alike. Using vintage millinery flowers and fabrics, paper ephemera, old wallpaper, German Dresden foil, hand-dyed cotton batting birds, and even German glass glitter and mica, she creates a veritable work of art that will crown your holiday home or mantel, whether you choose to wear it or not. Oh, the magic wand comes along, too, and it is said that when the fairy wand is waved over a sleeping child the night brings only pleasant dreams. Sized for an adult head, and definitely not meant for child play. We have only one left of 6, each is different (picture may not represent actual crown). 6" HO-589.

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