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Wooden blocks don’t seem like they should be items that come in “high” quality. It’s just a square block of wood, right? It’s not even that intricately carved, right? Well, wrong. Uncle Goose Blocks of Michigan not only shows that the quality of wooden blocks can indeed be incredibly high, but also that the prices aren’t. Every single wooden block is 100% hand-crafted in Grand Rapids, Michigan from environmentally considerate fast-growing basswood and painted with non-toxic child-safe inks. The diversity of the United States can be tracked through the diversity of its art, and nowhere is that diversity more illustrative than in our music. Each state has its own musical identity and each block in this fifty-block set represents one state and describes its musical character (i.e. Michigan and Motown, Tennessee and Country, etc.) The set of fifty blocks comes in its own specially-designed wooden frame. Each block is 1.5” square. TY-499.

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