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For nearly half a century, Evelyn Ackerman of Los Angeles, turned her educated and honest eye to the study of dolls, toys, and childhood delights from past centuries. Of course, to study dolls, one must own them, study them, delight in the special features that make each one special. And along the way, these dolls multiply until they fill all the crannies and corners of a home. Dolls of wood and wax and porcelain and cloth and bisque. Child dolls and lady dolls – and many men. Elegant dolls in courtly finery, and simple and plain American cloth folk dolls. Rare models from the Schoenhut firm that are seldom found today stand side-by-side with a wooden-bodied Huret bébé. Simple pull toys compete with the elegance of small Vichy mechanical toys featuring bisque ladies. Dollhouses, lavishly furnished, peopled with numerous bisque dolls, that bring “life-bursting forces” (Ackerman, Dolls in Miniature) to the scene. Rare French mignonettes, French poupées and a Bru bébé with trunk and trousseau, all are present. 9" x 9" . Softbound. 148 pages. Includes Price Key. BT-301

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