Queen Anne Doll, by Peter Wolf

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One of the premiere contemporary German doll artists, Peter Wolf has long been known for sculpted dolls with a distinguishing 18th century feel and appearance, and his Queen Anne doll is a perfect representation of that reputation. The carved wood doll possesses hip jointed legs, distinctive wooden "spatula" hands, and hand made silk brocade gown produced entirely of antique fabrics. Foremost among the Queen Anne doll's vintage features, however, is the characteristic 18th century style oil painted facial features with "dot" highlighting of brows and lashes, bright cheek blush, hemp like wig, and enamel glass eyes. The original Queen Anne dolls were only for the wealthy, but for Peter Wolf's Queen Anne you don't need to be wealthy, just fast as only 20 have been made for Florence & George. 13"
SKU: SD-312

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