Provenance, an Antique Doll and Automata Auction Catalog



In the 1880s, while accompanying her husband to South America for his coffee business (of which a fortune was made and then lost by the intrepid travelers), the author Alice Wellington Rollins wrote these wise words, “I have no idle hour to spend in hunting up the bitter foe who simply ought to be my friend.”  While on this voyage, the famed Vichy automaton “Pierrot Serenading the Moon” was gifted to the Rollins, as a token of friendship, and it has remained in their family, passed from generation to generation, until this time. This automaton, and over 400 lots of rare treasures of childhood past, including other important antique dolls which carry their own personal stories, some from original family owners and others having been cherished in famous collections or museums for many decades, including the important European collection of German doll author Lydia Richter, the Jim Kramer collection of rare Schoenhut circus memorabilia and superb early English wooden dolls with their family stories.  Softbound. 9” x 12”. 184 pages. BT-342

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