Other Peoples Lives

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It is the special privilege of the antique lover to hold in one’s hands not only the physical object of one’s delight, but also its particular past place in other people’s lives. For the collector of antique dolls that sense of personal connection to the past is especially intense, a doll sometimes seeming to radiate the very spirit of the child who cherished it in other times. Simply put, to speak. On January 13-14, 2012 pays homage to this concept with a 500 lot auction of antique dolls entitled “Other People’s Lives”. This year’s splendid offerings include fine French dolls from original French chateaux as well as private American collections, automata, and rare German characters, dollhouse shops and rooms including milliner’s shops from the famous Landsberg Museum of Germany, to begin to name the treasures. 8 1/2 x 11", Softbound. 192 pages. With price key. BT-291

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