Only Child, The Berta Leon Hackney Collection



On her fifth birthday, Berta Leon Hackney was given a doll by her father. And a promise. Every week thereafter she could choose another doll to add to her collection. Thus, in the midst of the Depression Years, she, an only child, was blessed with this happy start to collecting that laid down the very foundation of her doll-filled home today. Now, some 80 years later, the collection has grown from these childhood dolls into a world-class collection.

Over 500 dolls are featured that range from exquisite French bébés and automata, to one of the most extensive collections of early porcelain and sculpted hair bisque ladies, from fully furnished dollhouses including an outstanding French chateau to German bisque characters, a fine collection of French and German black dolls, a remarkable group of German handwind vignettes by Zinner and Sohne, fine mignonettes, and everything else you can imagine from rare peddler dolls to clowns with rare bisque character heads, to fine early dolls in their original costumes and boxes.10" x 10". Hardbound. 260 full-color pages. BT-319

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