Mozart By Peter Wolf

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In the mid 18th century, Leopold and Anna Maria Mozart lived in a small Salzburg apartment with their two children, Amadeus and Maria Anna, known as “Nannerl.” Leopold decided to teach his children music and take them on tours of royalty. Though both were highly gifted musically, Amadeus Mozart became world famous and Nannerl moved onto marriage and children as a woman of her time was expected to do. Now Peter Wolf has immortalized both of these gifted children, and who better to sculpt a doll of the Austrian-born musical genius and his sibling than the German-born doll savant? Utilizing a classic English sculpting technique reminiscent of 17th century English dolls, predating even Queen Anne dolls, each piece is entirely hand-carved, painted and costumed painted with exquisite detail. Each is signed and numbered, from a limited edition of 30. 14". SD-865
SKU: SD-865

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