Laurie, 10" Art character Doll by Ulrike Hutt

$199 $250


The slender-faced, slender-limbed child suggests she is nearing grow-up time, yet she still clings to her beloved white teddy. Laurie has short blonde sculpted hair decorated by a sculpted barette, and her deeply modeled features are highlighted by touches of blush and eyedots. She has swivel head and jointed limbs, and, still a child at heart, runs barefoot in the fields even while wearing her party-best pearls. Made of art quality vinyl by Ulrike Hutt in extremely limited production runs, with details of hand-painting and custom costuming, the dolls from their Kunstlerpuppen series are superb additions to any antique doll or artist doll collection. The bear is made by Bing. A limited edition of only 500 dolls.
SKU: SD-296

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