Ivory Unscented Flameless Candle (6")

$15 $25


When flameless candles first appeared a few years ago, we all loved them. We loved them, but we also recognized that they lacked a certain quality. They looked like candles, until you placed them next to real candles. The new signature collection of flameless candles by Enjoy Lighting will change your mind on that Opinion. • Not one, but three tiny programmed L.E.D. lights which create a perfect flickering-flame effect • "Set it and Forget it" programming allow not only a multi-hour sleep function but also a programmed start time. Having the candles "burn" before you even walk in the door! • A special power design insures 430 hours of battery life on four "AA" batteries. GH-235. ( THIS CANDLE IS IVORY CANDLE PICTURED BUT IN THE 6" (largest) SIZE) GH-235

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