I Only Wanted To Wonder, Antique Doll Auction Catalog



Showcasing two important doll collections including The Private Collection of Lorna Lieberman, Part I, who for more than five decades has gathered fine antique dolls with an eye for both rarity and quality. A lifetime member of the early Doll Collectors of America, as well as the Boston Study Club of UFDC, Lorna has created a collection that is the perfect balance between a pure and simple love of dolls and the scholar’s zeal to truly know all about them ... the enigma suggested in the auction title “I Only Wanted to Wonder”. And including the complete and extensive Private Collection of Petra Aichele of Stuttgart, Germany whose dolls have been featured in many books and articles and is highlighted by rare German bisque art characters. 8.5” x 11”. Softbound. 252 pages. BT-337

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