Girlfriends Paper Doll



This charmingly nostalgic 1944 Whitman reproduction features five young girlfriends—Billie, Betty, Bunny, Susie and Kitty—and over 65 fashion items to cut out and dress on the dolls.

The 8 clothing pages offer quirky categories: Easy on the Eye, Smooth Numbers, Exciting Ensembles, Torrid Tempo, Strictly Cuban, Meeting the Moment, Sharp Selections and Outdoor Oomph. They add up to a vintage wardrobe for every occasion in a girl's life during the war years, from Victory gardening to dancing at the USO. Classic 40s fashions include tailored ensembles, evening gowns, beachwear, winter wear, Latin inspired ensembles and even a cowgirl outfit.

A great collectible that illustrates how fashion fared on the home front during World War II.  It is a trip down memory lane for some and a history lesson in style for others. PD-366

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