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The Alice Florence Schott Collection of rare early dolls has not been long-lost, but rather lost-in-plain-sight. Bequeathed to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art (of which Alice Schott was one of the founders) in the mid-1900s, the dolls have been carefully-preserved in the museum archives for decades, and are now being sold, with the blessing of the Schott family descendants, to aid the museum in their “acquisition of fine arts rather than folk arts”, and to allow others to acquire and appreciate the dolls rather than keeping them stored and seen infrequently. Along with other fine French bisque dolls and automata from private collections and original French estates. Highlighted by a superb all-original French bisque art doll by Albert Marque, with life-long provenance, and lettered #7 from the series of only 100 dolls which were first presented in 1914/1915 at the Parisian salon of Margaine-Lacroix. 10” x 10”. Hardbound.180 full-color pages. BT-326

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