Cotillion, The Susan Whittaker Collection



To the celebrity friends that filled her sweeping Beverly Hills home she was gorgeous, glamorous and elegant. To her family, she was loving and generous and funny, endowed with a “perfectly wicked sense of humor”, says her nephew. And in the doll world she was known for choosing the best and the beautiful and, sometimes, the most whimsical of dolls. Which is why her collection ranged from the extraordinary beauty of five (yes, five) splendid early period A.T. bébés by Thuillier to the fanciful wittiness of the three (yes, three) sought-after Oscar Hitt googly dolls, and is highlighted by a very fine Albert Marque doll, described by her son as “the one that was most near and dear to her heart, a Valentine’s gift from my father in 1977.”

That was Susan Whittaker, whose estate collection is being presented in this book. The legendary collection was begun in the early 1970s and includes more than 400 fine antique dolls including an extraordinary array of the rarest of French bébés (H, AT, Bru, Jumeau, Schmitt and a fabulous Marque) and more than 200 exceptional early mignonettes, delightfully counterpointed by more than 50 googlies in the rarest models and sizes known to exist. Despite her enthusiastic attention to “anything doll”, Susan was, in the choice of her own dolls, very focused and fastidious. “She had an eye”, said one collector friend, “something you can’t define, but somehow she just always spotted the best of the best in a roomful of dolls, and that would be the one she chose.” 10" x 10". Hardbound. 204 full-color pages.  BT-317

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