First Date Paper Doll Book



Times have changed a lot since this delightful paper doll was first issued in 1944. Dating has changed a lot since then, too. Today's youngsters will be surprised to see that back then a first date didn't happen until high school or even college.

This charming book introduces four lovely young girls and four clean-cut guys. You can cut them out and play matchmaker to pretty Margie, Joyce, Beverly and Judy whose dates are handsome Eddie, Bob, Lee and Steve. They come with more than 70 items in their retro-style wardrobe to dress them for their first date. It could be a dance, a varsity game or a movie, perhaps.

This professionally restored vintage paper doll book will bring back memories for some collectors, or make a cute, quaint gift for today's younger generation. It is also an authentic piece of fashion history as well as an example of our changing society. PD-381

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