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Passionate collectors understand the bittersweet union of ourselves and the objects we love. The sweet joy of acquiring a long-sought treasure, beloved once by past owners, is balanced by the knowledge that someday, if we have tended our treasure carefully, it will be held in high esteem by another and then still another. Pleasure and woe. Gentle sadness. Bittersweet, indeed. This important two-day cataloged auction featured more than 500 dolls. Highlights include dolls from the Private Collection of Lorna Lieberman of Leawood, Kansas, formerly of Boston. Part II of her extraordinary collection of early wax, wooden, and porcelain dolls, and fine French poupées, many with original provenance including Miss Annie Kelley’s exceptional Sanitary Commission Fair doll of 1863. Other collections include Norma Faul of New Jersey, highlighted by beautiful French bébés and automata. Jane Leader of Westlake, Ohio, whose rare German bisque characters and French bébés and poupées were assembled with the eye of an artist which she was. And Nancy O’Connor of New Jersey, featuring dolls as exhibited at the Princeton Doll and Toy Museum. 8.5” x 11”. Softbound. 212 pages. BT-338

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