It may be an exquisite and elegant French poupée such as featured on the cover, made special by her extraordinary coiffure and accessories and costumes. It is this style of doll that highlights the auction, with beautiful poupées by Huret, Rohmer, Jumeau, Bru and Clement. And then there is the environment of the doll. The auction abounds with an exceptional collection of antique doll furniture, some unique maitrise models, some from prestige Paris shops such as Maison Giroux and Au Nain Bleu, and with decorative accessories including bountiful porcelains and gilt ormolu. Too, there are costumes! The antique costumes you seek for the dolls you already cherish are plentiful in the auction, along with ever-so-rare tiny accessories.  

The auction also includes beautiful French bébés and mignonettes, German bisque character dolls, American cloth dolls, Neapolitan figures and accessories, and hundreds of other treasures. Softbound 8 1/2 x 11" 220 pages. BT-388

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