Teddy Bears by American and International Artisans

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Hal by Jared Monroe
Sugar Bear by Jane Monroe
Spring Sparkle Bear by Jane Monroe
Ingo By Finhold Gallery
Hettie the Bear by Jared Monroe
Moor The Black Bear by Marjan Balke
Bubble Head By Jare Hares
Pink Lil' Panda Bear
Sammie By Jane Monroe
Pimki Pie by Finhold Gallery
Poker Face Teddy Bear by Karen Meer
Sadie Miniature Black Mohair Cat, by Karen Meer
Mango Jerry The Mouse
Pork Chop The Panda by Cindy Kalnow
Cappy Quacks by Jody Battaglia
Cornella by Jared Monroe
Carrotina by Jared Monroe
Beetrum by Jared Monroe
Scat Cat a Teddy Bear By Jared Monroe
Wendell The Hippo by Heidi Steiner
Ribbit, by Heidi Steiner
Herold The Xmas Elf, by Heidi Steiner
Dicky Duck, by Deb CanhamDicky Duck, by Deb Canham
Dollhouse Mister Mouse by Deb Canham
Ping The Penguin by Deb Canham
Moo Moo By Deb Canham
Timothy Mouse By Deb Canham

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