Teddy Bears and Stuffed Animals

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Autumn Teddy Bear By Linda Nelson
Hedgehog Girl, by Karen Smith
Hedgehog Boy by Karen Smith
Boris Bunny By Jared Monroe
Fillmore Kitty By Jane Monroe
Boogie  By Marsha Friesen
Rex Rooster By Marsha FriesenRex Rooster By Marsha Friesen
Blue Hobby Horse By Bear My Sole
Cream Hobby Horse by Bear My Sole
Tan Hobby Horse by Bear My Sole
Chester By Linda Fulmer
Cotton Eyed Joe By China Cupboard Bears
Percival by Heidi Steiner
Screech the Owl, by Heidi Steiner
Whoots by Heidi Steiner
Sailor Monty The Monkey
Duckie By Heidi Steiner
Boris Bear By Heidi Steiner
Wallace, A Teddy Bear by Deb Canham
Rooster with Teddy Bear by Deb Canham
Nester Jester by Lisa Lloyd
Pupetto And Mr. Cricket, by Susan McKay
Boo Who By Cindy McguireBoo Who By Cindy Mcguire
Timothy Mouse By Deb Canham
Moo Moo By Deb Canham
Checkers Golly Wog By Deb Canham
Dollhouse Proud Golly by Deb Canham
Ping The Penguin by Deb Canham
Dollhouse Mister Mouse by Deb Canham
Pumpkin Humpty, by Deb Canham
Pumpkin Head by Deb Canham

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