The Dude by R. John Wright

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First appearing in the 1887 "The Brownies, Their Book." by Palmer Cox, the whimsical Dude is one of the most recognizable Brownies ever, and why shouldn't he be, for her is the one who shows the other Brownies what to wear, though honestly, they don't seem to listen much. The Brownie Dude is made of the finest all wool felt and wears a natty outfit consisting of cuffed trousers, waistcoat, stiffened collar, bow tie, swallow tailed jacket as well as a matching top hat and, of course, a hand carved wood cane and a gold plated monocle. Produced in only 250 pieces, The Dude is a limited edition exclusive to Florence and George and will be presented with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. 9". SD-1113.

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