Queen Of Hearts By Ankie Daanen



Pertly glancing upward, perhaps the Queen of Hearts is hoping for just one more tart. Like each Ankie Daanen doll. The interpretation can be yours. But the artistry is universal and unarguable. The porcelain-head doll with beautifully painted features has airily wispy black hair, the better to accent her superbly black and white checkered costume with appliques of , who else, herself- the true queen of hearts. A fanciful black and white boa feather petticoat peeks from beneath, just above her black velvet bloomers and painted fancy black slippers. Her expressively sculpted fingers are designed to hold aloft a heart shaped tart. Cloth body with wire armature for easy posing. Comes with wooden platform for posing. 23". OK-169 (This is a One-of-A-Kind Item)

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