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By Florence Theriault. Collectors seek dolls with “expression” or character; dolls that for the sensitive collector have an intangible connection with the past a sense of specific communion with faces and people. How did the antique doll maker achieve such expression? This book explores that question in a richly pictorial manner, from the idealized beauty of the French bebe, to the whimsy of the German character, to American "celebrity" dolls. It explores development, growth, influences, and major themes in the production of character dolls from 1875- 1935. The expression of the dolls captured here in 200 exquisite color photographs will fascinate and haunt the reader. The detailed descriptions and information will forever change the reader's perception of character dolls. 144 pages, 200 color photographs, hardbound. 9" x 12 ½". BT-115

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