Bonzo Dog House Clock

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What Does Bonzo Know? Why do some comic characters capture our imagination for decades and decades after their creation? Is it their devil-may-care manner? Their sense of the ridiculous? And why is it that most of these characters  are animals - especially cats or dogs? Bonzo is one, for certain, a pudgy spotted pup created by George Studdy of England in the 1920's. Bonzo became so popular that he appeared in books, figurines, clocks, postcards and pintrays.  The antique collectibles are very expensive, if you can find them.  But here's good news! Now a German porcelain firm, under license, is re-creating several Bonzo porcelain figures they originally made in the 1920's.  Bonzo's Doghouse Clock is a battery operated clock. 6". GH-127

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