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Yorkie and Bone BroochYorkie and Bone Brooch
Labrador Retriever and Bone BroochLabrador Retriever and Bone Brooch
Toy Poodle and Bone BroochToy Poodle and Bone Brooch
Shetland Sheepdog and Bone BroochShetland Sheepdog and Bone Brooch
Pug and Bone BroochPug and Bone Brooch
Mini-Schnauzer and Bone BroochMini-Schnauzer and Bone Brooch
Maltese and Bone BroochMaltese and Bone Brooch
Mini-Dachshund and Bone BroochMini-Dachshund and Bone Brooch
Boxer and Bone BroochBoxer and Bone Brooch
Shih Tzu and Bone BroochShih Tzu and Bone Brooch
Chihuahua and Bone BroochChihuahua and Bone Brooch
West Highland Terrier and Bone BroochWest Highland Terrier and Bone Brooch
Bichon Frise and Bone BroochBichon Frise and Bone Brooch
Rottweiler and Bone BroochRottweiler and Bone Brooch
Beagle and Bone BroochBeagle and Bone Brooch
Cocker Spaniel and Bone BroochCocker Spaniel and Bone Brooch
Monkey-Faced Juice Squeezer
Victorian Decorative Shoe & Purse
Bronze Victorian Ladies Boot Vase
Cucumber Scented Flameless Candle ( 4" )
Cucumber Scented Flameless Candle ( 6" )
Honey Vanilla Scented Flameless Candle (4")
Honey Vanilla Scented Flameless Candle (6")
Toasted Coconut Flameless Candle (4")
Toasted Coconut Flameless Candle (6")
Ivory Unscented Flameless Candle (4")
Ivory Unscented Flameless Candle (6")
Bird Lover Santa, by Alya Dmitrakova
Walking Santa, by Alya DmitrakovaWalking Santa, by Alya Dmitrakova
Santa and His Big Bag by Alya Dmitrakova
Cat and Fish Salt and Pepper Shakers
Teddy Bears Salt and Pepper Shakers

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