Poor Cinderella, One of a Kind, by Rotraut Schrott



Sculpted of Cernit with extraordinary painting, including the eyes, her hands are posed just as those of children in old master paintings, shyly offering crumbs to the pair of birds standing by her side. The birds by the way, are vintage Steiff creatures, found by the artist while browsing German antique markets in search of the antique fabrics and accessories that she uses to dress her dolls. In Cinderella's case, the dress includes an extraordinary aged tapestry vest and on (just one) old leather boot, homespun blouse and laced sash, ragged edge skirt and petticoat, and woven cap decorated with flowers. A one-of-a-kind doll by the renown German artist. Cinderella captures all of the sensitivity and charm of that storybook character. 34"
SKU: SD-715

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