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Playful Fawns Bavarian Pewter Art
Flowers For You in Bavarian Pewter
Wishing Well Bavarian Pewter Art
Summer Hedge Bavarian Pewter Art
Fenton Lavender Shoe
The Queen Crowns, Set of 3 Party Crowns
Small Summer Tree, in Bavarian Pewter
Frog Prince, in Bavarian Pewter
The Royal Crown of The Snow Queen
Mysterious Magda
Clown Faced Pumpkin Bucket
Wood Post Fence, in Bavarian Pewter
Summer Flowers, in Bavarian Pewter
Sunflowers, in Bavarian Pewter
Rose Trellis, in Bavarian Pewter
Rambling Rose Bush, in Bavarian Pewter
Victorian Decorative Shoe & Purse
Bronze Victorian Ladies Boot Vase
1739 Plan De Paris Portfolio Map
1739 Plan De Paris Portfolio Map
Art Horse, Articulated Artist's Model
Man In The Moon Nightlight
Luminaire Fairies Table Lamp
Humpty Dumpty Lithopane Lamp
Caterpillar Lithopane Lamp
Saint Catherine Figurine
King Charles Spaniel Pillow
Beagle Pillow
Large Kitten Pillow
Large Puppies Pillow
Big Mouth Pumpkin Mold

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